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Why do we need this information?

When applying for a funded course your employment status or prior level of qualification may affect your eligibility to study with some colleges. In these cases you will need to provide evidence of education level and/or benefits.


Choosing a username for your account

When creating a unique username for your vision2learn account, it must be at least six characters long and can't include any spaces.

Use the following list of characters in any combination:

  • Letters (A - Z) or (a - z)
  • Numbers (0 - 9)
  • Special character:
    • At symbol ( @ )
    • Dash ( - )
    • Period ( . )
    • Plus sign ( + )
    • Underscore ( _ )

Follow this guide to create a username for your vision2learn account

  • Pick a username that you can remember. If you create a name that's unusual for you, you may not remember it the next time you log in.
  • Make it simple. Unlike your password, avoid using too many symbols. It'll slow you down when you type it in.
  • For security, don't use the same username and password combination.
  • Usernames are not case sensitive so you can't create an account with the same username but using different capitalisation.

Keeping your account secure

Password requirements

  • To help keep your account secure your password must be at least ten characters in length and contain at least one UPPERCASE letter (A-Z), one lowercase letter (a-z) and one digit (0-9).
  • You can also use spaces and other special characters in your password.
  • No leading or trailing spaces are allowed.

Follow this guide to create a secure password for your vision2learn account

  • Do use numbers, symbols and a mix of upper and lower case letters in your password. The greater the variety of characters in your password, the better.
  • Do not use common dictionary words such as "password", etc.
  • Do not use sequences such as "12345678", "abcd1234" or keyboard sequences like "qwerty".
  • Do not use your personal data as a password. This includes data such as your name, email address or username.

Help with UK Postcodes

At present we can only accept learners who currently live in England as explained in our FAQ section.

Valid UK postcodes should be between six and eight characters long and match one of the following formats (where A signifies a letter and 9 a digit):

  • AA9A 9AA
  • A9A 9AA
  • A9 9AA
  • A99 9AA
  • AA9 9AA
  • AA99 9AA

If you are serving in the armed forces abroad then you can enter your British Forces Post Office number (BFPO) or postal address (BF1) in the postcode field.


Help with qualification levels

Level Examples
Level 1 (e.g. GCSE grades D-G) e.g. Any GCSE / O-Levels grades D-G or CSEs, 1 AS-Level, Level 1 Certificate in Adult Literacy/Numeracy, Level 1 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Level 1 Skills for Life, BTEC First Certificate, Foundation Diploma, GNVQ Foundation, NVQ Level 1, other Level 1 qualifications
Level 2 (e.g. 5 GCSE grades A-C) e.g. Any combination of 5 or more GCSE / O-Levels grade A*-C or CSE grade 1, 1 A-Level, 2 or 3 AS-Levels, Level 2 English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), BTEC First Diploma, Higher Diploma, GNVQ Intermediate, NVQ Level 2, other Level 2 qualifications
Level 3 (e.g. A Level) e.g. 2 or more A-Levels, 4 or more AS-Levels, AVCE Double Award, Baccalaureate (L2), BTEC National Award, EDEXCEL Advanced Diploma, National Diploma, Access to Higher Education, GNVQ Advanced, NVQ Level 3, other Level 3 qualifications
Level 4 (e.g. HNC, Level 4 Diploma) e.g. Teaching Certificate, Higher Education Certificate, HNC, Nursing (SRN), NVQ Level 4, other Level 4 qualifications
Level 5 (e.g. HND, Level 5 Diploma) e.g. Teaching Diploma including DTLLS, Foundation Degree, Higher Education Diploma, HND, Nursing Higher Diploma, GNVQ Level 5, NVQ Level 5, other Higher Level professional qualifications, other Level 5 or above qualifications
Level 6 (e.g. Bachelor's Degree) e.g. Professional diploma / certificate / award, City & Guilds Graduateship, Degree with honours
Level 7 (e.g. Masters, Postgraduate Degree) e.g. Advanced professional diploma / certificate / award, Masters degree, City & Guilds membership
Level 8 (e.g. Doctorate) e.g. Doctorate